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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.8.20

Liturgy With open arms you welcome all who call on your name—who acknowledge you as Lord, and look to you in faith.No one stands outside the circle of your mercy and love. We come to offer you our worship—to give thanks that you are our God,and that we are your people, called,chosen, and loved beyond measure. In your endless love […]

Extending the Table

What would it look like for us to create more space at the table? Weylin Lee looks at an encounter between Jesus and the marginalized to consider how we move beyond our biases, prioritize mercy over convenience, and disrupt negative peace. [Matthew 15:21-28] Reflection How are you invited to decolonize your view of Christ and your faith? How might you […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.8.13

Liturgy God in heaven, you number the stars.You hold the pillars of the earth firm.You have searched each of us and known us.The inmost being of every personHas been created and gently held by you. We look to you and your strength,Seeking your face always. We see only from where we are,Guessing whether the other is friend or foe.Sometimes looking […]

Promise Keeper

What hope might you create space for in order to stay close to God’s promises? Virginia Cumberbatch opens up about audaciously holding on to hope through seasons of challenges, disappointments, and injustice. [Psalm 105:1-5] Reflection What would it look like to create space to reflect on the promises God has kept? How can the uncertainty or mystery of our human […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.7.30

Liturgy The Holy accompanies those who seek Wholeheartedness,Divinity dances with those who love Liberation, The Living Christ makes a home with those who practice Solidarity,and Cosmic Consolation befriends those facing sorrow. Let us worship God—the Web who Holds Together All Things,The Sacred Mystery who makes vivid the ways of Compassion. Holy Spirit, when we do not know what we ought […]

Rallying Cry of Resistance

How might we respond when we feel powerless, unsupported, and at a loss for words? Christopher Mack points to the Apostle Paul’s understanding of Spirit crying out with us for compassion and renewal. [Romans 8:26-32] Reflection How do you handle moments when you find yourself speechless? How can we continue to bear witness as God’s subversive global family? Resources Book: […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.7.23

Liturgy The Spirit of God transforms our minds and hearts.She stretches our imagination and expands our notions of possibility. With hope, She urges us toward futures yet perceived.Creation groans, awaiting collective freedom. Redemption is coming. God will birth new worlds among us.Through faith, we labor for renewal and restoration. Free us from the constraints evil has placed upon our dreams.We […]