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Lectio Divina – Galatians 4

Weylin speaks about the transition from anticipation to the lived reality of Christ on earth as he leads a time of reflection and meditation through the practice of Lectio Divina. [Galatians 4:1-7] Reflection How can we move from anticipation to the reality that Jesus has given us freedom to live the way God intended us to live? What is God […]

Advent – Anticipation and Hope

John Chandler speaks about the anticipation of those who lived in the time of Christ’s birth and what that means for us today during the season of Advent. [Psalm 89:1-4] Reflection What are the stories that need to be remembered and retold during this season of Advent? How can our longing for God to act turn into a desire for […]


As we continue in the Lectionary calendar, Jason Minnix speaks about what it means to be prepared and how we prepare for God. [Matthew 25:1-13] Reflection: Where am I over-preparing for what is non essential (threat management)? Where am I under-preparing for what is essential (enjoying God)?


As we continue in the Lectionary calendar, Gideon Tsang speaks about how our faith needs to be worth imitating and what that looks like for us and our community. [1 Thessalonians 1:1-10] Reflection: What is the work and calling in our life that requires faith? How can we pray more for faith instead of clarity? How can we practice the […]

Vision: Work

As we continue our vision series, Gideon speaks about how our work and calling is sacred. [Genesis 2] Reflection: Through our work, how do we choose to lead well or lead poorly? How do we help redeem those who are under bad leadership?


Reflection: Where do I feel resistance to God and/or my life’s work? What would it look like to engage my resistance with compassion?


Reflection: How does covenant work? What is the relationship between commitment and intimacy?