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Scripture II

Weylin Lee continues a conversation on Scripture and how it should impact and strengthen our interior life. [Ephesians 3:14-21] Reflection: How is our faith in Christ strengthened through Scripture? As we read scripture, how are we becoming more loving people? How can we engage Scripture with the mystery of God in tension with our need for certainty?


Terra McDaniel speaks about how Jesus works and uses us in spite of our rejection of God. [Mark 6:1-13] Reflection: When has God been something you have not expected? How have you been disappointed or even offended? How does God use those who are least expected? How is faith built and developed in community versus individually?

Holy Spirit as Guide

For Pentecost Sunday, Weylin Lee speaks about the Holy Spirit and how important it is for us individually as well as a church community to seek the guidance of the Spirit in how we live God’s story. [Acts 2:1-12] Reflection: How can our gifts from the Spirit be used to practice hospitality to those around us? How can we be […]

The Two Firsts

Martin Ban speaks about how the first two outsiders invited into God’s party reveal how God wants the church to sing in harmony rather than in unison. [Luke 23:32-43, Acts 8:25-40] Reflection: How are we living out God’s vision for a diverse harmony in the church? What does it look like for us to invite friends to God’s party?

A Community of the Resurrection

John Chandler speaks about what it means to be a community that lives out resurrection instead of becoming dependant on just a few leaders. [Acts 4:32-35] Reflection: How are others able to interpret the gospel through the way they engage with our community? How do each of us practice resurrection in our lives and the Vox community? What do we […]


Terra McDaniel speaks about some attributes of Jesus that we sometimes overlook in our interaction and engagement with God. [Luke 13:31-35] Reflection: In what ways have we experienced the nurturing aspect of God in our lives? What would it look like to have a God who demonstrates mothering attributes and impacts how we make decisions and engage with God?

Incarnation: God With Us

Gideon Tsang speaks about the incarnation and how God with us impacts the way we should live in this new year. [John 1:9-14] Reflection What are some things that we might be blind to and need to see in a new light this coming year? What are some ways we can improve how we relate to God in the new […]