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Posture of Belonging

Gideon and Jason Minnix discuss attachment styles, Mary & Martha in Luke 10:38-42, and their vision for community at Vox. Reflection: What is your posture when connecting to God and community? What does practicing secure attachment look like in these coming weeks?


Gideon speaks about humility. [1 Peter 5] Reflection: What does it look like to clothe yourself with humility this week? Who can you practice gratitude with today?

Epiphany – Transfiguration

Gideon continues in the season of Epiphany from the Lectionary and reflects on the transfiguration. [Matthew 17:1-9] Reflection: What does God’s voice sound like in our lives and what is the white noise we need to remove? How can we embrace God being with us rather than just fixing and solving the problems we’re in? How can we be invitational […]


Valerie Vogt reflects on the dreams that we have for ourselves and the dreams that God has for us and our church. [Exodus 3:1-15] Reflection: What is our burning bush that God is dreaming for us? How can we turn away from our everyday routines in order to embrace God’s dream and for him to show up?

Epiphany – Enriched

Gideon continues in the season of Epiphany from the Lectionary and focuses on what it means to have an enriched life. [1 Corinthians 1:4-9] Reflection: What do the words that we say reveal about our hearts? How can our gifts be more about doing in community, rather than individually consuming? Whose kingdom are we trying to establish in our lives […]

Advent – Expectations

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we reflect on the third week of Advent. [Psalm 146] Reflection: Is our expectation in God based on fear or on hope? Do we respond to our expectations of God with entitlement or with faith? How have we made a box for God and limited the creative maker of this world?

Christ the King

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as he talks about leadership in our lives. [Psalm 122] Reflection: Who has leadership in our lives? How can we use our craft to align with the direction and leadership of Christ?