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Hiding Place

Brandon Dickerson continues from the Lectionary as he talks through confession in the Psalms. [Psalm 32] Reflection: How can confession be a blessing to our lives? Who are those that we need to seek forgiveness from?

Mustard Seed

John Chandler speaks from the Lectionary and how the mustard seed paints a picture of the kingdom of God. [Luke 13:18-19, 17:5-6] Reflection: How can our faith become mustard seed that can take down the mulberry trees in our city and world? In what ways can the kingdom of God be expressed and lived out in the places we live […]

Live the Church – Belong

Jason Minnix continues our series on Living the Church and what it means to belong in community. [Romans 12:3-8] Reflection: What story have you been given and what story are you telling? How can you make belonging a spiritual practice?

Live the Church

Gideon shares about what it means for us to live the church. [Micah 6:8] Reflection: What is God’s original vision for this world and our lives? Will we join God as creators in living the church in Austin and not only be observers and participants?


Gideon shares about the history of the Evangelical Covenant Church and what it means for Vox to embrace and be a part of the legacy of the greater body of Christ. [2 Timothy 1:1-5] Reflection: How do we connect our expression of faith with what how it has been done before? Who are the Lois and Eunice’s in our lives? […]

Ordinary Weeks – Greed

Shane Blackshear continues from the Lectionary as we continue the season of Ordinary Weeks. [Luke 12:13-21] Reflection: How do you respond when you experience injustice? What is it inside us that makes us long for bigger barns?

Called to Be Free

Brandon Dickerson speaks on the freedom we have and should live out in Christ. [Galatians 1:1-10] Reflection: What are the things that we unnecessarily include in addition to Jesus as we express our faith? How can we experience freedom from the labels that are given to us by ourselves or others?