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Composting Life

As we continue to reflect in this season of Lent, Gideon Tsang talks about how we can foster our deaths well in order to fully live [Philippians 3:4-14]. Reflection What are the deaths that we need to name in our lives? What would it mean for us to create space to grieve well individually and as a community? What word […]

Embodying the Other

Jason Minnix speaks about how our distinctiveness enhances our growth as individuals, and as a community. [1 Corinthians 12:12-20] Reflection Who are the others in my life I’m being invited to embrace? How is God inviting me to lean into this body and participate in a sustainable way?

Simple Love

On the fourth Sunday of Advent, Jason Minnix speaks about the love that is expressed and received in the story of the Prodigal Son as we reflect on the love of God this season of Advent. [Luke 15:11-32] Reflection Where am I being invited to demonstrate and receive love this season? How can we release our pictures of others and […]

Loving With Your Mind

Gideon Tsang continues a 3-part series on integrating the Enneagram as a tool to help us identify and discover how to live into our true selves. This second part focuses on “mind” people and we examine the life of Joseph. [Genesis 39] Reflection In what ways can we shape our craft but also not allow our work to define us? […]

When Helping Loves

Gideon Tsang talks about what it would look like to help others in a healthy and loving way. [1 John 4] Reflection: What is our motivation for helping people? What does our fear tell us about our love, identity and understanding of God? How can we learn to extend the family of God further and expand the circle of inclusion? […]


Jason Minnix speaks about truth that helps create margin in our lives through community. [Acts 2:42-47] Reflection: What one thing would make our lives simpler and open ourselves up to spiritual growth? Who are the people that make room for our humanity and spiritual growth? What’s is alive in us today? What is dying? What is being reborn?

Rotating towards Diversity

Gena Minnix speaks about the importance of diversity in our community and moving beyond the safety of sameness. [Ephesians 4:1-6] Originally, the scripture follow up was scheduled for this date. The follow up will now be in three parts on 8/16, 8/23, and 8/30. Stay tuned. Reflection: What are some things that keep us safe from our blind spots and […]