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Values: Empathy

Gena Minnix continues our series on our Vox Values by focusing on Empathy and how essential empathy is for diversity [1 Corinthians 8]. Value of Empathy Theologians use “incarnation” to refer to God’s radical act of empathy: God became like us, in order to be with us and experience what we feel. We strive to reciprocate that in our relationships. […]

Wisdom: Who We Are

Gideon Tsang speaks about the journey of figuring out who we are and the relationship between our interior and exterior life [Proverbs 3:13-18]. Reflection: Does who you are inform what you do or vice versa? Why do you value what you value? Resources: Film: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Book: Michael Jordan: The Life Film: Tree of Life

Good Conflict

Gena Minnix speaks about how disconnection be a crucial part of developing love for God and others [Luke 12:49-53]. Reflection: What issues prompted Jesus to wage good conflict? In what areas of life might God be calling me to nonviolent conflict? Resources: Video: Invisibilia – Disarming A Robbery Video: TED Talk – Jamila Raqib


Gena Minnix talks about the invitation we have to practice freedom and what some of those practices might look like [Galatians 5:13-23]. Reflection: How might I use my freedom to practice love in a more concrete way? What would it look like to belong to Christ and others more freely? Resources Movie: Eddie the Eagle Vox Rhythm of Life

Making Culture

Stefan Eicher visits from our partner in India (Reflection Art) and talks about how art begins with and connects us with the story of God [Genesis 1]. Reflection: How are you a maker and creator in your context and work? What would it mean for you to participate and collaborate with the story of God? What is your mark that […]

Being Loved and Being Left

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gena Minnix talks about how to engage secure relational practices that Jesus models for us [John 14:23-29]. Reflection: How does presence and absence affect the way we grow in our relationships? How can we practice secure relationship with God and others in how we know, trust and love God and others? How […]

Passing the Peace

As we continue in the season of Easter, Jason Minnix talks about experiencing peace whether we’re in a season of belonging or becoming [John 20:19-29]. Reflection: How do we give and receive peace when we are practicing becoming? How do we give and receive peace when we are practicing belonging? How can we pass God’s peace to those in our […]