August 5, 2011

Grace in Mexico

¡Hola friends, family, & supporters!

My trip sadly ends next week, Friday, August 12th. I know people have been praying for me throughout the summer.  These prayers have all been heard and answered here in Mexico—everything I initially asked for, to be open and obedient and to embrace the culture, and much, much more. This trip was not so much any sort of mission to accomplish anything but to learn and build relationships, and this has definitely been accomplished through Christ alone. I have made friendships here that I know are lasting and will help bring glory to the kingdom of God. I have also bonded very well with my host family here, the Garcia Zarco´s. They have spoken many times of wanting to visit the United States, and the kids (Raul y Vivi) are only 12 and 15; I definitely hope to host either the kids or the entire family one day in Texas!  I don’t know if I could ever live here because of the immense size, traffic, and congestion in this city; BUT I really love the culture and the people—they are warm, kind, and misunderstood in the United States. At the very least, I intend on using every bit I’ve learned to hopefully bless the Méxican immigrants I know and will meet in Austin.

PRAYERS for my last week: I need God’s help in some good goodbyes here! Good goodbyes are already difficult, but it’s even more important in the Méxican culture. I need to make sure things don’t get left un-said and that I leave this place with sustainable relationships. Please pray for me to just have the strength and wisdom to get this done as I enter my last week here! It will be enjoyable for sure, but also very stressful!

Paz y Amor,


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