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Divine Generosity

Weylin Lee reflects on how our generosity can more accurately reflect the divine generosity that God offers us [Matthew 20:1-16]. Reflection How might we practice generosity in a way that’s more expansive and inclusive? How does our value and desire for fairness impact our ability to receive and practice generosity? Spiritual Practice Expand your circle of generosity.  Examine who you […]

Breeze of the Spirit

Gideon Tsang reflects on what our invitation is to be born and live as people of the Spirit  [John 3:3-8]. Reflection Where have you seen the delightful breeze of God’s Spirit in your life? What might it look light to pause and listen for the breeze of the Spirit this week?

Community Prayers 2020.09.13

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Christ-led conversations with our neighbor. Anslee The years of leadership and love Gid has offered to God through Vox. Dwight Fourteen years with Gideon. Alison This church and the people in it, and on the outside. G.C. The ways that Gideon has helped bring peace to so many and now gets the opportunity to give […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.09.13

Liturgy Blessed community, receive the goodness of today.Receive it exactly for what it is just as ourCreator receives us for all we are. This day, like you, is a shining testamentof His doing and unmistakable proof of His being.Receive this truth in faith and comeinto the innate goodness of life. We pray in the nameof the Almighty,of the Son, the […]

Community Prayers 2020.09.06

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … A restored livelihood I’ve found difficult to discover in enjoying the company of coworkers, family, and friends despite the dire times. Tim My mom’s recovering beautifully from a broken leg. Gena The rain and then the sun. Sydney The Vox staff for bringing my daughter and I (and all of us) together virtually every week. […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.09.06

Liturgy Beloved, gather today andknow that God is living in you, For when you opened your eyes this morning,it was the Spirit who roused you. When youfirst saw light of day it was the Son. In living and breathing right now,be reminded that our God is. This morning, may we open our hearts andreceive the love that wakes us at […]

Debt of Love

Jason Minnix reflects on how we’re invited to live in a debt we’re never meant to repay [Romans 13:8-14]. Reflection How do I live in the debt of love I’m never meant to repay? Where do I sense invitation into the love that liberates this week? Spiritual Practice Surrender to your debts of love this week. Let go of repayment. […]