September 20, 2020

Divine Generosity

Weylin Lee reflects on how our generosity can more accurately reflect the divine generosity that God offers us [Matthew 20:1-16].


  • How might we practice generosity in a way that’s more expansive and inclusive?
  • How does our value and desire for fairness impact our ability to receive and practice generosity?

Spiritual Practice

  • Expand your circle of generosity.  Examine who you already practice generosity with ease.  Consider stepping outside your circle of generosity with one person this week
  • Imagine being the late worker (Ignatian practice of reflecting on Scripture).  Imagine standing in the marketplace all day waiting to be hired.  Imagine being offered a job at the end of the day.  Imagine getting paid for the whole day after working only an hour.  How does that imagination impact your perspective and experience of divine generosity?

MWG Discussion Questions

  • How would you describe the different motivations you have for being generous?  What makes it difficult or challenging to practice generosity?
  • What are some ways that our attachment to fairness plays a role and impacts our ability to be generous?  Can both those things coexist or do we need to confront our attachment to fairness?
  • Do you identify more with the early workers or the late workers in the story?  If you imagine you are a late worker in Jesus’ story, what are the feelings and reactions you would have as you experience each interaction in the story?  How might that change your perspective and understanding of generosity?
  • What are some practical ideas and ways that you can use your abundance to practice generosity that ensures justice and equity for those around you to have enough?  What might be some ways for Vox to practice this as a community?

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