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Community Prayers 2020.08.30

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … A quick trip to Kentucky next weekend to visit my brother. Cindy The audio/sound team, who has so many technical battles to face on the fly, and who work so hard to make liturgy happen well for us. Carol My still improving health after years of sickness. Chris The ability to FaceTime with family and […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.08.30

Liturgy In the desolation of the barren hills,our wounded God walked alone.Through dry, thirsty afternoons,Christ showed us how to need.Glory and honor to our wounded, walking God. But when that God returned,He also proclaimed, so let us listento the words and warningsHe imparted as he walked among us.Holy One of God, help us hear. We repent, O Lord, of our […]

A Secret Conversation

Scott Erickson reflects on our invitation to create a space of silence and solitude to hear and listen to God’s voice in our current season [Matthew 6:5-6]. Reflection Where have been the places, spaces or moments in this season that you feel like you can connect with God? What have been your experiences with silence and solitude? And what has […]

Community Prayers 2020.08.23

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … The strength God gives me to battle depression. Emmanuel Family being safe during this time of social-political-economical turmoil and a selfish virus. Tim Two weeks spent road-tripping in the Dominican Republic for my anniversary and falling in love all over again with my wife’s home country. Samuel The love and kindnesses shown me when I […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.08.23

Liturgy God, your mercy and love astounds us.We continually struggle to grasp the ideaof unconditional love, all the while, askingto experience your love and grace more fully. Today, we offer our lives afresh.Enable us to see where you areactive and to be used by you. When life is hard may we learn to praise you.When life is busy may we […]

Who Do You Say I Am?

Gena Minnix reflects on how Jesus’ loving response to his enemies revealed that God is non-punishing and utterly trustworthy.  [Matthew 16:13-18]. Reflection How does reflecting on God as Jesus help restore my trust? As my trust in God increases, how will that change the way I respond to my enemies? Spiritual Practice Who is Jesus?  What word or phrase captures […]

Community Prayers 2020.08.16

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … My brother in-law Bob, whose surgery went successfully last week. Joe Those who overcome this virus crisis. Ed … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of Petition. For … My brother in-law Bob’s recovery after his recent surgery. Joe School starting this week and the eager students and teachers with virtual learning. […]