September 5, 2021

Ordinary Faith

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to practice ordinary faith that’s grounded in mercy as we push against celebrity culture [James 2:1-17].


  • What does it mean for us to push against celebrity culture in our community?
  • How can we make space to reflect on and receive mercy in our lives?
  • How are we integrating the teachings and life of Jesus as an expression of our faith?


  • Examine our culture. Reflect on the culture of our Vox community and who it is that we welcome and engage. How have we shown preference for certain types of people at the expense of others?
  • Reflect on God’s mercy. Make space to reflect on the ways we have recognized and received God’s mercy toward us. How might we need to unpack and process the barriers that keep us from fully receiving mercy in our lives?


This post needs your thoughts.

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