June 20, 2021


Insil Kang reflects on how our community has been and will need to prepare as we come back together physically and continue the work that God is inviting us towards collectively [Mark 4:35-41].


  • How have we been preparing to come back together physically, to continue this ministry at Vox?
  • What have we seen and heard in God’s working in us while we have been physically distant?
  • How can we continue to prepare?


  • Think of the “boats” that have been around you over this past year. Reflect on how they supported you and made you feel safe, even from a distance.
  • Get a piece of stationary or a postcard, write them a note and physically mail it to them this week.
  • As we consider this new opportunity of ministry and community at Vox, take time every day this week to pray for a member who comes to mind.
  • Select a pump up song and play it LOUD as you dance and jump in anticipation of being back together.

This post needs your thoughts.

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