May 2, 2021

Inhale Our Freedom Exhale Our Fear

Virginia Cumberbatch reflects on God’s invitation for us to experience both individual and collective freedom in the midst of our fears [1 John 4:17-21].


  • After a year of quarantine, how will you seek freedom and rest for yourself this spring?
  • As we witness the hate and injustice of the world, how will you support the liberation of others?
  • How will you allow God’s love to “fully form” in you this week?


  • How will you abide in God’s love to navigate you through the fog (fear) of our current conditions? Inhale: God, meet me in this fear. Exhale: Bring rest to my restless mind.
  • How will you allow God’s love for us to model and direct our pursuit of collective freedom and community justice? Inhale: We were meant for freedom. Exhale: I will not settle for less.


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