January 10, 2021

A New Way of Being

As we enter a new year, Weylin Lee reflects on what our invitation is toward a new way of being and experiencing transformation [Mark 1:4-11].


  1. What area of your life is in need of truth-telling?
  2. How are you invited to consent to God’s unconditional love in this year?


  1. Confession.  Acknowledge your choice of deception over truth.  Invite yourself to return to the original goodness God created you with.  How can you sit in the tension of those two things this week as you reflect on what’s happening in our world and what’s happening within you?
  2. Examine your discomfort.  Examine the moments and seasons of discomfort that you have encountered.  Be curious about how the Spirit might be inviting us to change and transformation in that discomfort.


  1. Podcast: On Being (Louis Newman)
    1. https://onbeing.org/programs/louis-newman-the-refreshing-practice-of-repentance/

MWG Discussion Questions

  1. What facilitates spaces of truth-telling for ourselves?  When have you experienced a meaningful moment of truth-telling?
  2. How might the experiences and seasons of discomfort be opening opportunities for change and transformation?  Why might it be difficult to recognize the Spirit’s work in those moments?
  3. How has your understanding and practice of repentance and confession been driven by guilt and shame?  How might God’s unconditional love and our invitation back to our original goodness change our experience of repentance and confession?

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