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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.4.30

Liturgy We have been in the wilderness before, but each time is differentWe have faced trial and suffering before, but never quite like this We have asked the age old questions“why?” and “what for?” and now we ask again.Good Shepherd, lead us and guide us through the mystery. Lord wilderness tests us just as much as it is ministers to […]

Good Shepherding

On Good Shepherd Sunday, Kimberly Culbertson points to the story of the man born blind in the Gospel of John as a living example of how Jesus companions us, and how we are to embody community for one another. [John 10:1-6] Reflection Is the person of Jesus shaping your ability to see and be seen? Is the person of Jesus […]

Meditation of the Heart

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on how we might facilitate meditation of the heart especially in the challenging circumstances we face [Psalm 19]. Reflection What kind of song is your heart singing this morning? In what area of your life do you feel the need to hide parts of yourself? How does it feel to imagine yourself being fully known in that […]

Mary and the Incarnation

As we continue in the Advent season, Matt Inman reflects on the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary and how we are invited to be grounded and not overlook the divine in our lives [Luke 1:26-38]. Reflection Where in your life does love tend to get overlooked in your life? What memory of Christmas sticks out to you as […]