June 14, 2020

A Hope That Does Not Disappoint

Scott Erickson reflects on hope in the midst of our current circumstances [Romans 5:1-8].


  • What particular conversations are happening in your life because of these current circumstances?
  • In what ways are you fighting being a student by trying to be a teacher?

MWG Discussion Questions

  • How do we tend to respond to disappointment in our lives? What is that disappointment based in?
  • What has been our experience of perseverance? Is it more about will power? How might a framework of perseverance as an invitation impact our experience (i.e. exploring what we might be invited to consider versus just getting through it)?
  • How do we experience the tension of the reality we experience in today’s world (e.g. pandemic, racial injustice) and the hope that Jesus offers and promises? What are things that keep us from hope? What are some practices that might help us move towards hope?

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