June 23, 2024

Holy Bodies

How might your life work differently when you can feel in your body the joy, safety, and pleasure of which the psalmist writes?  On this Pride Sunday, Amy Wolfgang encourages us to feel the embodied confidence of God beside, before, and within our being. [Psalm 16:8-11]


  1. How can our community go before and beside those in fear of their call to embodiment? 
  2. Who in your life deserves their flowers?
  3. What would today be like if you knew that God rejoices in your body?


  1. Video: Writing The Funeral of Cecilia Gentili at St. Patrick’s Cathedral NYC a)https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxUxJAq0_SHZ-vpIv62DizFhX6Ozu-TVch

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