November 24, 2019

Art of Neighboring

Virginia Cumberbatch explores how we have lost the art of neighboring and how we can practice it in our lives [Jeremiah 23:1-6].


  • How can you practice the art of neighboring this week?
  • What does God ask of us in participating in the tapestry of community?

Spiritual Practice

  • What is your responsibility in the art of neighboring?  What does that look like for you here at Vox, in Austin, in this world? How do you neighbor (pursue shalom) in your sphere of influence?
  • What does neighboring look like for you in 2020?  What areas in our life have we allowed division or distance to keep us from one another? What spaces can we step into to love, care for and affirm one another more? Who will you see, hear and neighbor in this next season?


This post needs your thoughts.

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