April 2, 2014

Extending the Table

What is all this talk about a new Vox table experiment?
The past few months I’ve been delighted to dream with Vox in extending our table. The questions we’ve been leaning into include, “How do we create more room at this beautiful table?” and “We sense we’re being invited to pull up more chairs to Christ’s table. Who are they for?” As you may know, this year is a season of invitation for Vox as a community. Yet we don’t have much room to invite people to sit and/or stand on a given Sunday.

Starting April 20th @ 11am, Vox is going to experiment, through the summer, with a gathering every other Sunday @ 1404 East Riverside Drive, 78741. This gathering will be offering spaces to explore some of the more contemplative aspects of our faith such as silence, spiritual direction, listening deeply to God, our selves and one another. Our hope is to make space for people to come as they are, receive support to engage their journey where they are and experience glimpses of God’s beautiful story. Might sound a little bit like the Vox you already know – eh? If you’d like to know more you’re welcome to contact Jason Minnix.

We will also have an opportunity April 6th for lunch, a time of prayer and further processing around the new table. Please be praying with us we try something that seems to have lots of Holy Spirit in it!

[Written by Jason Minnix]

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[Photo by Lars Wastfelt @ Flickr]

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