March 28, 2014

Midweek Group Invitational Dialogue

As a community, we’re entering a season of dialogue to discover what it means to be an invitational community and invite others into God’s story. Some of us have had both healthy as well as counter-productive experiences in sharing God’s story and the person of Christ. Our goal isn’t to figure out a formula or replicate a single model, but to collectively wrestle with and discover how Vox and each of us can effectively invite people into God’s story.

This dialogue will take place throughout all of our midweek groups over the next couple of months, so we encourage all of you to participate in your existing groups. If you’re not plugged into a midweek group, we will be hosting a temporary group for the next couple of months at Space12 during the first two Wednesdays of April (4/2 & 4/9) and May (5/7 & 5/14) from 7-9pm. Please email us if you would like to participate in this public midweek group.

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[Photo by Amy Higgins @ Flickr]

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