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Midweek Group Invitational Dialogue

As a community, we’re entering a season of dialogue to discover what it means to be an invitational community and invite others into God’s story. Some of us have had both healthy as well as counter-productive experiences in sharing God’s story and the person of Christ. Our goal isn’t to figure out a formula or replicate a single model, but […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 08.12.12

Liturgy We thank you, God, for your gifts of beginnings and ends. To start again the work you have called us to do, and to finish well with your Spirit guiding us. And yet, God of the covenant, even when we fail and fall into sin, your Spirit invites us to remember that you chose us to be your servant […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 08.05.12

Liturgy We believe in an innovative God, who does not wait for us to find ourselves but comes seeking the lost and calling us into a new way. We believe in Jesus of Nazareth as God’s crucial initiative, that when he calls us to follow, Christ also gives us the power to become, both in creed and deed, the children […]