Greenhouse Kids

Weekly gatherings for shorties anchored by snacks, prayer and scripture to learn what it looks like to love God and in turn, their short neighbors.

During Sunday Liturgy, there are currently 3 classes:

Pods. 3 years and under.
Sprouts. Pre-K to 2nd grade.
Seedlings. 3rd grade to 5th grade.

Greenhouse Kids will worship with their parents during Liturgy and then go to their classes after the announcements. Those who are in 6th grade and above will remain with the adults during Liturgy. During the Eucharist, parents will pick up their kids to partake in communion together.

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We’re looking for people to help teach the next generation at Vox to help build a foundation of what it means to love God and neighbor in their lives. So if you love hanging out with kids, reading stories, doing crafts, or love hearing the funniest things come out of kids’ mouths, then Greenhouse is the place for you. We currently have classes for elementary kids, pre-K, and nursery. For middle-school kids, we provide mentoring.

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