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The Unifying Gifts of the Spirit

Weylin Lee reflects on how the gifts of the Spirit invite us to a practice and experience of unity with each other [1 Corinthians 12:1-11]. Reflection How would a lens of revelation impact how you see the gifts in others? What is an outlet where your gifts might contribute to the common good? Even in this challenging season, what might […]

Wisdom and Word for Exiled Lives

As we begin a new year, Christopher Mack reflects on how wisdom and word are embodied with us through Christ and how that opens us up to grace [John 1:10-18]. Reflection How are you feeling at the start of this new year? How does the image of God moving into our messy and complex lives open us up to grace?

Ordinary Faith

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to practice ordinary faith that’s grounded in mercy as we push against celebrity culture [James 2:1-17]. Reflection What does it mean for us to push against celebrity culture in our community? How can we make space to reflect on and receive mercy in our lives? How are we integrating the teachings and life of […]


Insil Kang reflects on why we might turn down an invitation from God and how we might make space to navigate our response toward participation [Matthew 22:1-14]. Reflection What are the reasons I refuse an invitation to a party/event? How does the dynamic between an invitation by God and my response actually play out in my day? How is it […]


Weylin Lee reflects on what God is inviting us into during our season or experience of waiting.  Kelli Knight and Kristy Robinson also share their reflections on this text [Acts 1:6-14]. Reflection How can we participate in unexpected ways during our season of waiting? What might be some things we’re invited to let go of as we wait in loss? […]

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