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God is My Shepherd

Jason Minnix explores what it means to return to God’s guidance in our life’s journey [Psalm 23]. Reflection What kinds of care am I being invited into this week? Where am I being invited to express and/or relax my agency? Resources Film: Foxtrot Podcast: Truth and Cannonballs (Radiolab) MWG: Discussion Guide


Weylin Lee reflects on what Jesus’ resurrection into a physical body means for how we live in and out of our body here and now [Luke 24:36-48]. Reflection How are you invited to live from the vulnerability of your wounds? In what ways can you live a holistic life that integrates body and soul? Resources Book: From Brokenness to Community […]

Easter: Death and New Life

During the Easter season, the tree at station 6 of our Good Friday installation will be transforming as we continue to reflect on how we may be experiencing death and new life in our lives. The tree came from David Byrne’s Arboretum drawings of roots and trees that helped him process personal reflections, using the tree as an alternative type of […]


Gideon Tsang reflects on the meaning of baptism in our lives as we hear the stories of David Burrows, Meredith McNamee, and Errol Neider [Romans 6:1-11]. Reflection In what ways are you growing into your baptism this season? How are you still being transformed by your baptism? Resources Book: The Invisible Church (J. Pittman McGehee)

New Life

On this Easter Sunday, Jason Minnix reflects on the new life that is already present in ways we might not recognize [Luke 24:13-35]. Reflection What am I being invited to forgive about life? Where is new life breaking open the ordinary meaning of my journey? Resources Podcast: On Being (Brene Brown) MWG: Discussion Guide

Easter 2018

Easter is the celebratory end to Lent, our season of sacrifice and reflection leading to resurrection. We will celebrate the new life Jesus passes on to us with Easter Liturgy on April 1 at Southwest Keys this year, 6002 Jain Lane. Our liturgy service will be outdoors rain or shine. [Photo by Alberto Polo Iañez @ Flickr]

Holy Week 2018

As the global Church has journeyed through this season of Lent, we find ourselves stepping into the heart of what defines the word Christian.  During the final week of Lent, we embark on what the Church has called ‘Holy Week’ where we remember, mourn and celebrate the life, death and eventual resurrection of Jesus. We will be practicing Maundy Thursday in […]