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Live as Foreigners

Weylin Lee talks about why we’re invited to live as foreigners and how it captures the new way of life Jesus offers us. [1 Peter 1:17-23]. Reflection: How can we put aside our entitlement to create space for a posture of humility? How can we move towards sincere love that doesn’t carry expectations?

Waters of Baptism

Jason Minnix talks about being immersed into change as we hear the stories of Grace Minnix, Noah Tsang, Zachary Lee and Madeline Strickland [Matthew 3:1-6,13-17]. Reflection: How does it feel to be chosen and marked by love, the delight of God’s life? What if it’s true that God accepts every part of us without hesitation?

Holy Week 2017

As the global Church has journeyed through this season of Lent, we find ourselves stepping into the heart of what defines the word Christian.  During the final week of Lent, we embark on what the Church has called ‘Holy Week’ where we remember, mourn and celebrate the life, death and eventual resurrection of Jesus.   We will be practicing Maundy […]

Being Loved and Being Left

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gena Minnix talks about how to engage secure relational practices that Jesus models for us [John 14:23-29]. Reflection: How does presence and absence affect the way we grow in our relationships? How can we practice secure relationship with God and others in how we know, trust and love God and others? How […]

Pattern of Resurrection

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gideon Tsang talks about whether we recognize the pattern of Christ’s resurrection and how we participate in it [John 13:1-17]. Reflection: What is a beautiful question you can ask about an un-beautiful moment this season? Is it hard to be fully known and loved? Why or why not? Resources: Video: Mr. Rogers […]


As we continue in the season of Easter, Jason Minnix talks about how we can practice trust in a way that cares for ourselves instead of simply accomplishing something [John 10:22-31]. Reflection: How do we take a small risk when the support is there? When do we need to reach for support in order to risk trusting? How do we […]

Taste of Resurrection

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gideon Tsang talks about how we might define spiritual fermentation in our lives [John 21:1-17]. Reflection: What are some expectations that we’ve had but are not what is reality right now? What season in your life and relationship with God is ending or has ended so that you can experience new things? […]