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Joint Good Friday Liturgy [Apr 7]

As we move through the Lenten season and approach Good Friday, we will be meeting with other churches in a joint Good Friday Liturgy on April 7 at the Texas Fed. When: Fri, April 7 @ 6:30pm Where: Texas Fed (2312 San Gabriel St) Potluck: bring a dish or side Participating Churches: Vox, The Vine, Austin Restore, Peace Wilco, Austin […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.2.26

Liturgy Loving God, as we come into this spaceWe settle and check in with ourselvesAnd with You. We notice we are hungryPartly in our bellies, but also in our heartsWe all have some empty places waiting to be filled.May you be the One who fills us, God. We notice we feel anxiousKnowing that life is uncertain and unpredictableWe all want […]

Naming Empire’s Enticements

What does it say about our spiritual imaginations that Lenten fasts often center on our relationship to food, drink, or media, but less often on our relationship to power? As we begin Lent, Christopher Mack examines the testing of Jesus in the wilderness through the lens of how we steward and are enticed by power. [Matthew 4:1-11] Reflection Where do […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.2.19

Liturgy Welcome, Vox family,to this sacred space and time.Let’s take a moment to pauseand welcome the Spirit. If you entered with shame today, release it,for God does not define you by shame. If you entered with pain today,acknowledge it, for Godcares about your pain. If you entered with fear today,welcome it, for God will seeyou through your fears. We invite […]

Trust in the Midst of Uncertainty

How might uncertainty propel us deeper into the mystery and revelation of God’s grace in the midst of injustice, suffering, and oppression? Virginia Cumberbatch sits with the sense of being out of control in our chaotic and heartbreaking world to find faith in learning to trust and work toward God’s Dream when we do not currently see it. [Psalm 99:1-5] […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.2.12

Liturgy God, we thank you for reprieve – a long exhale and rich silence,For electricity and warmth and good neighbors.We pray for those around the world who do not have these giftsAnd ask that you sustain them and care for them.Be their rock and refuge.Lord, have mercy. God, we thank you for our closest people – lit-up faces as we […]

What Does It Mean to Be Reconciled?

How does relational conflict feel inside us? Gena St. David delves into Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to share a hopeful practice for navigating conflict with others, make amends, and embody peace. [Matthew 5:21-24] Reflection Who are you currently separated from (externally or internally)? How might you talk with them about your role in the separation? What might change (be […]