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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.4.02

Liturgy God of Love, God of Justice,God of Subversion, God of the Oppressed, Hear us.Welcome us.Empower us. Open our eyes to injustice around us.Crowd our hearts with compassion.Energize our steps as those of a young colt.Sweeten our lips with triumphant praises. “Glory to God in the highest!”“Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord!”“Peace in Heaven!” When […]

This Side of Heaven

How might trust grow as we invite God into our dry places? This fifth Sunday of Lent, Kimberly Culbertson companions us into vulnerable places of grief, challenge, and trauma, as she considers what healing looks like in our story here and now. [Ezekiel 37] Reflection Where in your life are you longing for resurrection? Can you lay that before God? […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.3.26

Liturgy Welcome to this community that is gathering this morning. You are invited to bring all the messiness in your life.Your confusion, your unease, your uncertainty;all of who you are is welcome to participate. God, will you help us soften our resistance?Will you help us release our desire for controljust a little more this morning? You are invited to bring […]

Vesper Spring Cleaning [Apr 22]

Join us on Saturday, Apr 22, to help us do a little spring cleaning at Vesper so we can continue to be great hosts for our partners and those who use our space.  We will have a morning session (9:30-11:30am) and an afternoon session (12-2pm). Here are some of the tasks that you can help out with: Paint touchup Staining […]

Boggy Creek Clean Up [Apr 15]

In our attempt to be a good neighbor, we are partnering with the neighborhood association to help clean up the Boggy Creek area. It’s a great way to connect and participate with the local neighborhood. They are planning to hold a clean up on Saturday, Apr 15 from 9-11am. Here’s info provided from the McKinley Heights Adopt-A-Creek Group: Meet up […]

Embodied Justice Nights [Mar 29]

Join our monthly rhythm as we explore and experience the ways that justice work, held and practiced collectively, can both be generative and restorative. Date: Mar 29 Time: 7:30-9pm Where: Vesper A place for contemplation in action, this co-creation space leads participants through movements that engage our: hearts: naming social concerns & anxieties spirits: sharing a prayer bodies: using somatic […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.3.19

Liturgy God of heaven, we live in a world where we often feel invisible.We swirl around in activity, neither seen nor seeing.Our heads are filled with what must be done, dealt with, delivered.Sometimes we find we are out of touch with others —And even less in touch with ourselves. We turn our eyes to you, the one who knows us […]