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Forget Your Perfect Offering

Gena Minnix talks about what Jesus says and invites us to do in the context of difficult times and seasons [Matthew 5:13-16]. Reflection: How can I practice experiencing and feeling the full range of human emotions? Who in my life is living in shadow? What parts of me remain in shadow? What’s my imperfect offering today? Resources: Video: Doctor Who […]

The Wisdom of Foolishness

Weylin Lee reflects on how the wisdom of God seems foolish and in that foolishness, what God’s wisdom invites us into [1 Corinthians 1:18-31]. Reflection: How can we hold the tension of the known and unknown in order to practice faith? What are the attachments in our lives that we need to confront? Who are the people in our lives […]


Matt Worthington reflects on how we can reframe our divisions and walk a path of unity [1 Corinthians 1:10-18]. Reflection Where is God asking you to be on the journey towards unity? In what ways do we need healing in order to walk with others in our lives? In what ways can we reframe the language and perspective we adopt […]

Light Calling

Jason Minnix speaks about our calling and how we’re invited to focus on what we are and not just what we do [Isaiah 49:1-7]. Reflection What is the invitation today that feels like grace? What support do I need to engage or reengage my calling in a meaningful way? Resources Video – Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Funeral) Exercise Here is […]

Consent to Love

Gideon Tsang reflects on what it means to consent to where God is already at work in us and forming us this year [Matthew 3:13-17]. Reflection: What are we currently experiencing that we might need to consent to? What are some things we need to let go of? Resources: Video: This Year by The Mountain Goats Video: Trouble with Boys […]


As we start a new year, John Chandler reflects on the story that we need to tell that is larger than the challenges and difficulties we have faced and will face [Numbers 6:22-27]. Reflection: What might it look like for you to spend more time in the shine of a face than the shine of a screen in the year […]

Advent IV: The Surprise of Emmanuel

As we approach the end of the Advent season, Weylin Lee reflects on the surprising invitations that we find in Joseph and Mary’s experience of the birth of Jesus [Matthew 1:18-25]. Reflection How can we reframe our interruptions and disruptions to help strip away our false self? What are the things that we fear in our lives that we need […]