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Ordinary Weeks – Trust

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we begin the season of Ordinary Weeks. [1 Kings 17:7-15] Reflection: What does trusting God look like for you? Do you trust that grace in your decision making? How can you trust God in authoring your story this week?

Epiphany – Follow

Weylin continues from the Lectionary as we wrap up the season of Epiphany. [Luke 5:1-11] What does it look like for us to follow Jesus through a daily rhythm? How can Scripture be on the forefront of our mind? Are there things we need to let go of and leave behind in order to follow Jesus?

Epiphany – Wine and Glory

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we are in the season of Epiphany. [John 2:6-11] Reflection: How can live in a way that our needs can only be met by encountering Christ? In what ways can we care for and nurture our living and dynamic faith?

Advent – Lectio

Gideon continues in the Advent season from the Lectionary with a communal practice of Lectio Divina. [Luke 2:1-14] Reflection: How does God’s peace on earth make its presence felt in our lives? How are we longing for the second Advent of Christ?

Advent – Waiting

Sam Myrick kicks off the Advent season from the Lectionary. [Jeremiah 33:14-16] Reflection: What does waiting look like for us during this Advent season? How can we replace consumption with expectancy as we celebrate Christ’s birth this season?

Ordinary Weeks – Motives

Weylin continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary. [Mark 12:38-44] Reflection: Is our motive with people more about consumption or service? How can we create a space of dependency on God in our lives?