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Advent III: Disappointment

As we continue in the season of Advent, Matt Inman speaks about what it means to long for joy and how we live in the tension of our fears and dreams [Hebrews 11:13-16]. Reflection: How has disappointment impacted your life and faith? What does your life look like being broke open versus broke apart? Resources: Podcast: Inefficiency-Jamie Tworkowski

Advent II: Preparing for Peace

As we continue in the season of Advent, Gena Minnix speaks about how we prepare for peace and become agents of peace [Matthew 3:1-6]. Reflection Where are the wilderness places in our lives where survival feels like a struggle? What experiences (feelings, situations, conditions) do I find difficult or nearly impossible to welcome? What practices help me prepare for a […]

Advent I: Hope

Jason Minnix begins the season of Advent by reflecting on the hope that Jesus lived and where we look and wait for that hope [Isaiah 2:1-5]. Reflection: Where am I watching and waiting for epiphany to break in? How can I make space to rest and trust transformation is happening? Resources Book:Come Out My People by Wes Howard-Brook

Hope Through Struggle

Gideon Tsang continues our conversation on hope and how it is a function of struggle in times of distress and uncertainty [Psalm 141]. Reflection: What are you feeling today? What might those feelings be revealing to you? What does it look like to struggle together for hope?


Weylin Lee explores what we’re invited to do in times of hopelessness as we wait for God’s original vision for us and our world to be fully restored [2 Thessalonians 2:13-17]. Reflection: How can we see ourselves and others the same way God sees us? How can our responses to hopelessness be more life giving instead of life limiting? How […]

What to Love

Jason Minnix explores how we can be more active in the filtering process of our spiritual experience [Luke 19:1-10]. Reflection What am I being invited to love today? What am I being invited to ignore today?

Values: Mystery

As we finish our series on our Vox Values, Gideon Tsang explores Mystery and why certainty can be detrimental to our faith experience [Colossians 1:24-29]. Value of Mystery Our narrative begins with light, which is both finite and infinite based on speed. The Incarnation is God, who is timeless, slowing and entering into linear time. Within these parameters healthy faith […]