January 15, 2017

Light Calling

Jason Minnix speaks about our calling and how we’re invited to focus on what we are and not just what we do [Isaiah 49:1-7].

What is the invitation today that feels like grace?
What support do I need to engage or reengage my calling in a meaningful way?

Video – Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Funeral)

Here is a list of exercises that you can try to consider your calling “to be”.

  • Write or draw a chronos time line of your life.
  • Include moments of chairos time (graced time), significant events in your journey that have formed you, timeless moments of meaning, joy, trauma, loss.
  • List some of your life dreams and desires.
  • Write trustworthy words that have been spoken into your life. Ask people who love you now.
  • Write a simple statement of your calling.

This post needs your thoughts.

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