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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.02.14

Liturgy Transformation doesn’t happen whenwe look ahead. It is something we onlysee in hindsight. This morning you areinvited into this space. All of you,All parts of you,All chapters of your story. As we pick up the piecesof ourselves, invite them in.Let them gather around you.All parts of you are welcome here. You were welcome then,You are welcome now.Welcome yourselfto sit […]

Transfiguration and Transformation

Weylin Lee reflects on how Jesus’ transfiguration invites us to transformation and change as we enter this season of Lent [Mark 9:2-9]. Reflection How might you be invited to expand your symbols of God?How is listening to Jesus being embodied in your life?How are you being invited to sit in the paradox of wholeness and woundedness? Practice Expanding our symbols […]

Nursing Home Care Packages

This month, the Partnerships Team is collecting care package items for a local Nursing Home that has been hit particularly hard by the Covid 19 virus. The older adult population has suffered such devastation this past year in both health and isolation, and our community is excited for a small opportunity to bless a few of them and their caregivers. […]

Ash Wednesday Sprinkling Ashes [Cancelled]

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions and the loss of power in many parts of our city (including Vesper), we will be cancelling the in-person sprinkling of ashes at Vesper for Ash Wednesday. Our prayers are with those who continue to be without power and water. Lord have mercy. As you observe Ash Wednesday in your homes, we offer a video […]

Community Prayers 2021.02.07

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … the life, legacy and love of my 102 Great Aunt Virginia who passed peacefully and healthfully, in her sleep last night. Anslee concluding my last week at a job that was crushing my spirit and for placing me back in a job that brings me joy and life. Tiffany both my parents having received their […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.02.07

Liturgy God, Creator, Healer,We receive today yourinvitation to community,to participate in your divine being,to rest in your embrace. We come as we are, wholly beloved by you.We bring our joys.We bring our sorrows.We bring our fears. We come as we are, seeking healing and new life.We give our bodies.We give our minds.We give our hearts. We come as we are, […]

Giving Our Letters Legs

Judy Peterson reflects on how the incarnation of Jesus invites us to live our faith in an embodied way [Luke 7:11-22]. Reflection What do you long to see made manifest in this world? When was the last time you were moved from your innermost being and how did you respond?