February 14, 2021

Transfiguration and Transformation

Weylin Lee reflects on how Jesus’ transfiguration invites us to transformation and change as we enter this season of Lent [Mark 9:2-9].


How might you be invited to expand your symbols of God?
How is listening to Jesus being embodied in your life?
How are you being invited to sit in the paradox of wholeness and woundedness?


Expanding our symbols for God. Use a different image or word to refer to and connect with God. How does this new image or word expand the container you’ve placed God inside?

Listening to Jesus exercise. Read the Gospels during Lent and pay attention to what Jesus said and did. Use a different translation or listen to the text. In your listening, wrestle with and discern how to embody his words and actions.


Book: Wearing God (Lauren Winner)

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