July 23, 2023

Creation and Trust

What might it mean to have a nonviolent relationship with the rest of God’s creation? Gena St. David explores how the nonviolence of Jesus and the Apostle Paul’s hope that ‘creation itself might be set free’ could impact our relationship to all of creation. [Romans 8:20-25]

Note: Speaker Gena St David invites curiosity about how the nonviolent practice of Jesus applies to our food and environment, while acknowledging a diverse community like Vox is going to include multiple perspectives. Conversations about plant-based eating must include sensitivity to those recovering from disordered eating and those living with food insecurity or in food deserts. Our hope as a community is to continue to collaboratively explore multiple ways of practicing nonviolence with all of creation.


  • What can we do today to help creation be free?
  • How is our pain like creation’s pain?
  • What does a trusting relationship with creation look like?


  • Book: The Nonviolent Atonement by J Denny Weaver
  • Book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

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