April 9, 2023

Behold and Beheld

What step of hope might we take together? Christopher Mack retraces the steps of Mary Magdalene through trauma and isolation to renewal and belonging. [John 20:1-18]


  • What part of your human experience do you need to know God, in Jesus, experiences alongside you?
  • How is what you are willing to see impacting how you live?
  • What does bearing witness to belonging look like for you this week?


  • Book: Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor
  • Book: The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings by John Philip Newell
  • Book: Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer by Richard Rohr
  • Book: Belonging: 5 Keys to Unlock Your Potential as a Disciple by Karoline M. Lewis

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