July 24, 2022

Learning How to Ask

Praying can be an act of naming that invites us into creative responses of redistributive justice. Gina Bastone-Trevino wrestles with the Lord’s Prayer and a familiar parable in ways that stretch  us during times of crisis. [Luke 11:1-10]


  • What surprising strangeness can you find in re-reading the Lord’s prayer?
  • What desire do you need to name to God, and what creativity do you find in this practice of naming?
  • Where is God calling you to pray for redistribution and justice?


  • Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community by Pádraig Ó Tuama: 
    • “Prayer is words and shape and art around desperation, and delight and disappointment and desire. Prayer can be the art that helps you name your desire. And even if the desire is only named, well, naming is a good thing, surely. Naming is what God did, the Jews tell us, and the world unfolded. Or perhaps naming is what the Jews did, and God unfolded. Either way, I’m thankful. Naming things is part of the creative impulse. Naming the deep desires of our heart is a good thing, even if those desires are never satisfied.”

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