January 23, 2022

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.01.23


God of the Deep –
Inward we turn, overworked, we ask
you to quiet the noise that frazzles
and tips us into panic.

Attune us to the sounds that heal.
Attune us to the music that buds.

We live in the mire with
thorns and rough edges,
battered by difficulties,
our bodies lag and sway.

Tilt our faces to your glory so
we may see you without effort.
You will lift us off the ground, in wonder
and joy, amidst sorrow and hardship,
if we would only let go of our own weight.

Make us a loyal people who
accept your invitation to rest.
Who honor the mystery
of your voice in our hearts.

May we, a firmament of believers,
welcome your impression upon us,
and reflect on your holy handiwork
through rest, through rhythm, and
through language beyond language.

In the name of the Holy Triune,
hear our prayer. Amen.

(Crystal Franz)

Scripture Reading

We invite you to hear from the reading of Psalm 19.

1 The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the firmament shows his handiwork.
2 One day tells its tale to another,
and one night imparts knowledge to another.

3 Although they have no words or language,
and their voices are not heard,
4 Their sound has gone out into all lands,
and their message to the ends of the world.

5 In the deep has he set a pavilion for the sun;
it comes forth like a bridegroom out of his chamber;
it rejoices like a champion to run its course.

6 It goes forth from the uttermost edge of the
heavens and runs about to the end of it again;
nothing is hidden from its burning heat.

14 Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in your sight, O Lord,
my strength and my redeemer.

The Good News of the Lord.
Thanks be to God!

The grass withers and the flower fades,
but the Word of the Lord endures forever. Amen.

Homily and Reflection

Homily Podcast – Meditation of the Heart 01.23.2022

What kind of song is your heart singing this morning?

In what area of your life do you feel the need to hide parts of yourself? How does it feel to imagine yourself being fully known in that space and with God?


Together, let us close our eyes and,
in our prayers, practice the art of listening.

In what we hear, God, you are there.

Perhaps, a song,
layered vibrations that
cradle us like newborns.

In what we hear, God, you are there.

An isolated hum, sound surrounded
by empty space and nothingness.

In what we hear, God, you are there.

An old dog snoring softly,
its fur under our fingertips –
A passing wind chime on a solo walk,
soothing in its chaos –
Water running as we wash our dishes –
Children playing, chattering and whirling.

Our shame. Our fears.
Our worries. Our grievances.
Sounds discordant and shrill.

In what we hear, God, you are there.
May we hear your whisperings.
May the meditations of our hearts
connect and sustain us.

In the name of our Creator God,
Loving Christ, and Whispering Spirit,
we pray. Amen.

(Crystal Franz)

Go in peace, and live the church.
May you find belonging and community this week.

[Photo by Barthelemy de Mazenod]

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