November 15, 2020

Loving Nearby Neighbors

Judy Peterson reflects on how Jesus invites us to love our nearby neighbors with whom we have conflict with [Luke 10].


  1. You are sheep and not a wolf. How would you approach your nearby neighbors with whom you have conflict differently if you believed not only that you are sheep, but also that there is a Good Shepherd involved?
  2. How might you consider letting Jesus turn your “Fire” into “Woe”?

MWG Discussion Questions

  1. Who are the nearby neighbors in our lives that we have conflict with?  Who do we hold a grudge towards and how holds a grudge against us?  What is the source of the conflict that comes between us and our nearby neighbors?
  2. When Jesus invites his disciples not to take any possessions with them as they are sent out, what would it look like practically for us not to take our ideologies, theologies, and loyalties to defend when we interact with others?  How might that impact our conversations?
  3. If the one who shows mercy is a true neighbor, what would showing mercy look like with our neighbors we have conflict with?  How might we begin to break down barriers that have been put up over time?  How can we rely less on their response and more on our invitation to love and extend peace?

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