November 1, 2020

Community Prayers 2020.11.01

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • This community’s presence and love for me and my family these last few weeks. Virginia
  • An old dream fulfilled when I least expected it. Syd
  • Jesus seeing us in the midst of our yearning to be close to Him despite our sinful nature. Anslee

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Peace, love, and justice to prevail this week and in the weeks to come. Virginia
  • Broken hearts to mend and for our hearts to graciously hold the tension of the coming week. Emilie
  • Trust, patience, stamina, and endurance. Gena
  • A very close family friend, Glenn, who is in ICU with Covid and for his recovery. Anslee
  • The surgery of a friend’s son who was in a serious accident. Jenny’s Mom
  • The hundreds of children imprisoned at the border who are separated from their parents. Tony
  • Wisdom around how to handle the holidays with out without family travel. Kimberly & Coach
  • Continued bravery, honesty, and radical love. Zach
  • Energy, safety, and resolution during the coming weeks of fear and confusion. Alison

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by William Danton @ Flickr]

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