June 28, 2020


Weylin Lee reflects on what a meaningful posture and practice of welcome might look like for us in our current season. Autumn Barker also shares her reflections on this text [Matthew 10:40-42].


  • How might we be able to create brave space in our practice of welcoming others?
  • How is welcoming others inviting us into vulnerability?


MWG Discussion Questions

  • How does the act of inviting people into my home, my personal space, create welcome? What is it about sharing our home spaces that connects us? How is this possible during quarantine?
  • How might I practice hospitality within my interactions during this time?
  • What would I look like and feel like in a brave space? What sort of mindsets and inner monologues would I embody?
  • What is the difference of authentic welcome versus self-reliance? Where do I lean on this spectrum? Is it even a spectrum? Do I ever use welcome as a way of even distancing others?

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