June 21, 2020

Sacred Heart

James Allison reflects on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the love that we’re invited to receive and give [1 John 4:7-16].


  1. How can we move from a cognitive to a relational understanding and practice of love?
  2. How are we invited to meekness in our attempt to love well and to receive love?

MWG Discussion Questions

  • In what ways has love been more of a cognitive experience versus a relational practice? What are the barriers that make it difficult to practice love?
  • What associations have you made between the heart of Jesus and the love of God? How have they been disconnected in your experience of faith? In what ways have they been aligned with each other?
  • How has our own experience of God’s love (how we receive or don’t receive it) impacted our ability to love others?

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