June 7, 2020

Original Beauty

Jason Minnix reflects on how we’re invited to notice the intention of beauty amidst devastation.  Nic Acosta also shares his reflections on this text [Genesis 1-2:4].


  • Where am I being invited to practice antifragility and fragility?
  • How am I being invited into beauty this week?

Spiritual Practice

  • Pick a practice that may be either supporting your fragility or your antifragility.  Journal, therapy, melancholy music, exercise, All or Nothing documentaries, act rather than just feel and think about things, take a break from action to think and feel, move out of empathy into strength, move out of strength into empathy, show up for your friends who are more vulnerable now, recommit to the paths you’ve discerned.


MWG Discussion Questions

  • What strikes you as the difference between “good” and “beautiful”?
  • Does changing the connotation of “good” change my views about how God views His creation?
  • In what ways do I take on more than the world needs me to do? In so doing am I ignoring anything that is my unique task?
  • What in my personal history has yielded anti-fragility in me? How does that show up now?

This post needs your thoughts.

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