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Bearing the Unbearable

This Trinity Sunday, Christopher Mack offers questions for reconsidering how the Triune Life of God invites us to strengthen our spirituality and our goodness toward others.  [John 16:12-15]. Reflection As you prepare to approach the Table, where do you need grace to bear the seemingly unbearable? Where might God’s Triune Life guide you to trust your inner authority and discernment? […]

Joining the Song of Triune Love

Christopher Mack imagines Jesus’ prayer for our active participation in God’s Love and call to work alongside those struggling, afraid, and forgotten. [John 17:20-26]. Reflection What is it like to imagine Jesus’ praying for you? Where do you or your world feel fragmented? How might you open yourself to God’s Love and Oneness? How might you move yourself to the […]

Original Beauty

Jason Minnix reflects on how we’re invited to notice the intention of beauty amidst devastation.  Nic Acosta also shares his reflections on this text [Genesis 1-2:4]. Reflection Where am I being invited to practice antifragility and fragility? How am I being invited into beauty this week? Spiritual Practice Pick a practice that may be either supporting your fragility or your […]