April 5, 2020

Place of Thirst

As we observe Palm Sunday and experience our first online liturgy, Jason Minnix reflects on our places of thirst during this global pandemic and season of physical separation. Claudia Harding and Brittany Acosta also share their reflections on this text [Exodus 17:1-7].


  • What are my places of thirst today?
  • If I had permission to complain, what would I say during this time?
  • Could God be a place of standing for me when the world’s on fire?
  • What is my honest prayer this morning?

Spiritual Practice

  • Name the places of thirst.
  • Prayer of Complaint: Make a place to post your prayers and complaints to God this week
  • Have an honest conversation with God this week about how you’re doing, about what’s happening.


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