April 12, 2020

Community Prayers 2020.4.12

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • The ability to celebrate Easter among church family, even remotely. Shane
  • Good news at my mom’s doctor appointment. Claudia
  • My little garden box. Sam
  • Continued connection, closeness in spirit, during this time of distance. Debbie
  • This opportunity to gather. Rebekah
  • Gratitude to have finished my first round of chemo/radiation on Wednesday of last week. My cancer treatment is on track and everything is looking good. Jon
  • This Vox gathering, and those who’ve worked so hard to make it possible. Jaime
  • Family time during this period of social distancing.
  • Bringing me peace. Pam
  • Vox’s virtual liturgy and the team making it happen. Marsha
  • The good news of the resurrected Christ in this confusing and disconnected time. Naomi
  • Getting to talk with my brother this week. Michelle
  • Living in a safe home with enough food to eat and a kind, loving and patient partner. Liz
  • Employment. Celeste
  • This community. Claudia
  • This community. Sam
  • This community. Casie
  • The ability to worship together across the country and remember the resurrection together. Cindy
  • Being able to join our Vox community from Indianapolis. Katrina
  • All the blessings that we now feel more acutely. Luke
  • The provisions God has given us to get through this time. Steven

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Financial insecurity for me and for others during this time. Ian
  • Our friend Brian’s father who is battling COVID in the ICU. Pam
  • Health workers on the front lines. Jason
  • My friend Greg Tucker in my hometown who is a nurse and contracted Covid. He has a wife and baby. Anslee
  • Those who are alone at this time. Edgar
  • Those who are high-risk. Sam
  • Family strife when it’s hard not to be “together” physically and emotionally. Rebekah
  • My aunt who passed this morning, for my cousins and extended family. Gena
  • My anxiety and mom guilt that has been eating me alive this week. So, for a new week riding the waves of the unknown. Erin
  • My cousin Elliott who found out him and his wife are going to be parents. Emmanuel
  • My dad to get a new job that he desperately needs. Madyson
  • My friends brother who is battling a blood infection and fighting for his life after a long battle with leukemia and a stem cell transplant. Krysten
  • Family members who feel like they can’t grieve loss during this time. Benjamin
  • Our daughter to come home. Celeste
  • Those of us with anxiety during this time. Caroline
  • My sister to win her battle with suicidal ideation. Madyson
  • Those residing and working at homeless shelters. Rosa
  • My sister who is very immune-compromised in San Fran, keep her well & safe. Bring her help with her physical needs as she can’t go out much. MaryAnn
  • A negative test result for a suspected COVID patient who my sister who is a nurse was exposed to without PPE. Josh
  • My great aunt Virginia who is in quarantine and unable to see friends and family. She’s 101. For her health and sanity. Anslee
  • The family and friends of Francisco Munguía, especially his wife Deborah. Jennifer
  • Greater strength for me to face the future of work holding fear and great joy in tension. Jaime
  • Artists and others out of paying gigs right now. Traci
  • The ability to see the resurrection in light of death. James
  • My friend Kate Bostdorff and her husband Andy Howell, who has been placed in hospice care after battling brain cancer for six years. Jeffrey
  • Prayers for a friend’s special needs son who lives full time in a care facility that has spiked in testing positive this week. Benjamin
  • Lindsay, who will be giving birth to twins soon. Jaime
  • Rachel, a little girl who lost both of her parents last week. And those struggling with dark thoughts and depression. Megan
  • My immunocompromised aunt that’s battling pneumonia and is afraid to go to the hospital. Miranda
  • Strength and perseverance for all of you and your families. Errol
  • The safe delivery of my niece Lisbeth Claire Kiser. Helena
  • Anxiety at the prospect of delivering a baby in a hospital in the next month. Luke
  • My aunt Kayce, a single mom and foster mom, who recently lost her job. Liz
  • My uncle and the thousands in New York that have been hospitalized by COVID-19 and to those who have lost their lives and their jobs from this crisis. Pierre
  • My dad, 70, with kidney disease, who got furloughed this past week, and how all of this affects my mom as well. Anslee
  • Those in recovery, strength and perseverance and encouragement. Celeste
  • Those in recovery missing their recovery communities. Jaime
  • Those struggling with addiction, and for Vox’s new recovery meeting. Joe
  • The strengthening of relationships during this time together. Meng
  • This community.
  • Swift healing for our dog, Annie, who just had to have her eyeball removed due to a melanoma and us awaiting to hear if it is cancerous. Kate
  • My bro was recently arrested during a schizophrenic episode. Because of Covid troubles, they weren’t able to put him in the mental health unit. For his health and joy during this hard time. Erica
  • Our brothers and sisters of color, facing the added stress of discrimination and a system that fails them during times of health crisis. Caroline
  • This pause to reassess what I want my life/relationships/journey to look like post-quarantine. Marsha
  • Those in unsafe relationships during this time of isolation. Josh
  • My friend Jon..he had cancer..but I pray for recovery. Ed
  • My best friend Nancy who I normally take to Barton Springs every morning. She is 86, home alone and without here regular community of people at the pool who care for her dearly. Jon
  • My cousin working in a hospital in the Bronx daily and all the hospital workers country wide. Emma
  • My sister, who is having trouble with my niece’s father. Liz

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Hayden Williams @ Flickr]

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