April 5, 2020

Community Prayers 2020.04.05

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • Our technical team, Weylin Lee, Marcos Acosta, Joel Goodman, Matthew Slimmer and Joe Chan, who helped put together today’s liturgy. Gideon 
  •  The opportunity to be with the Vox community again from afar. Alison
  • A job interview, for Hope, for friendship, for dancing! For the ability to cry with friends. Megan 
  • The gift of transformation in this unusual time, for the opportunity to love more deeply and openly. Naomi 
  • The communities coming together in this time, mutual aid, and organizing to help one another. Sam
  • The safe and joyful arrival of mine and Nick’s niece. Kathleen

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Those that feel alone. Pam
  •  This time of uncertainty and expectation. Sarah
  • My mom’s doctor appointment tomorrow. That she would be safe and the results would be good. Claudia
  • All who are high risk. Samantha
  • All of the people sick, for those who are alone, be with them and give them peace. Robert
  • My students who come from broken homes… unstable, food insecure homes… homes with parents out of work and several mouths to feed. Anslee
  • My dad, who was recently furloughed from work and for whom the reality of this pandemic is setting in as an at-risk person. J.S.
  • My friend’s positive biopsy results. Jaimie
  • Prayers for our family. Kristina
  • Those mourning loss of any kind. G.C.
  • The UT students with no where to go and are stuck on campus. Gina
  • Wisdom and compassion in the leaders of the world. MaryAnn
  • Alex’s Mom, sister, and everyone else who was furloughed or let go from jobs this week. Sarabeth
  • My brother works in a nursing home where there have been covid deaths. His wife and son are staying with her parents to socially distance. For their physical/mental health. Joe
  • My aunt Kayce, who recently lost her job. Liz
  • The life of Paula Jankowski. Sydney
  • All the store workers, from the cart wipers, to the stockers, and to the delivery folks – for safety and health. Unsung heros! Joe
  • The safe and joyful arrival of Sarah and Tim Berson’s little girl. Kathleen
  • Graduating seniors everywhere, that they feel celebrated, seen, supported. Gena
  • Those that have current medical needs unrelated to COVID and whose anxieties about their healthcare are a daily struggle. Allison
  • Those facing financial uncertainty. Naomi
  • My kiddos/families who don’t have internet access for learning at home the rest of this year. Aaron
  • The countless families who have lost loved ones due to the virus. Dave
  • All the parents struggling to be everything to their kids when we don’t really have enough to give sometimes right now. Robert
  • My brother, who was laid off. For our parents’ response – that they support him in taking his much-needed sabbatical. Shay
  • My mom who is working triage, for protection for our loved ones, for provision of a job and food. Megan
  • The health and safety of my sister who works at MD Anderson and my brother in law who works as a MD in NYC. Marsha
  • My dad and my sister and brothers in law, who still go out to work daily in grocery stores/warehouse clubs/restaurants. James
  • My parents who had to close down their offices and let their staff go. And, for their staff trying to make it through this. Steven
  • We are building a house, but won’t close until after we have to vacate this apartment on 4/25, so that means two moves during pandemic. For a safe process and a place to land. Kimberly
  • All those who feel alone. Edgar 
  • My parents’ health and my brother’s family. Courtney
  • All the farmworkers who keep bringing food to our tables. Scott
  • One of our friends from DC, the Yongs, who lost their godmother to Coronavirus. For feelings of loneliness and fear. For joblessness and isolation. Matthew
  • Those who are already the most vulnerable in our society, and the increasing isolation they now find themselves in during this pandemic. Sam
  • Those struggling with their mental health during this time at home. Olivia
  • All those on the front lines, putting their lives and lives of their families at risk for the greater good of humanity. Errol
  • Loved ones in recovery who feel disconnected from their recovery communities. Jaimie
  • A teacher friend who has both parents on a ventilator currently. Danielle
  • Courage and conviction to create dialogue and compassion as we prepare to repair the damage and confront the fragility and inequality in our society. Nick
  • The leaders of our country. Samantha
  • Those who are wrestling with substance abuse in this very difficult time. Shay
  • Austin’s art and music community who live and breathe human connection and the gig economy now being out of work. Anslee
  • My sister and their team of scientists working hard to keep us safe as she steps on a plane tomorrow. And, everyone fearlessly putting their lives on the line to help us. Tina
  • My mother, who is high risk. Liz
  • My friends in healthcare, whose lives are consumed by the pandemic. Matthew
  • Those struggling with addiction. Kellye
  • All those who live alone and for all those on the frontlines risking their lives to help others. Brittney
  • Those afraid/unable to celebrate during the darkness. G.C.
  • My Dad, who is high risk. Shay 
  • All the parents who are suddenly homeschool teachers. Coach
  • Finding calm and center during this time. Sarah
  • My brother who has mental illness and lost touch with reality and is living out of his car. For my interaction with him today to be perceived as love and peace and for God’s healing of him. Michelle
  • The parents who are tired and for the kids who don’t understand. Eleanor
  • Those who are soon expecting a child, let us pray to the Lord. Liz
  • My immunocompromised friend and her high-risk pregnancy, for my friend’s mother having surgery for cancer. Paige
  • Our friends who are pregnant and worried about giving birth. Matthew
  • My friend Jessica, who is pregnant with twins. Liz
  • Both our collective trauma, and also for the things to celebrate in this time. Shay
  • My sister who’s 2 weeks from her due date and flooded with anxiety. Chelsea
  • My pregnant sister and brother-in-law working as nurses in a respiratory ward, that they would be protected. Josh
  • The already vulnerable among us, who don’t have shelter or security in this time. Claire
  • The Shumaker family who lost their daughter this week, and for those in the Lone Star Paraylsis community as we grieve together. Hannah

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Andreas Ohman @ Flickr]

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