February 6, 2020

Pete Enns Lecture

We often get questions about how we read the bible as a community. A few years ago, Vox offered a sermon series to give context for our community journey with scripture. Peter Enns has been one of our author mentors in not only deconstructing, but also reconstructing meaningful faith. If you’re looking to understand Vox’s relationship to scripture or would like to deepen yours, we recommend checking out his lecture taking place February 28th and 29th through the Covenant Presbyterian Church Foundation. More information can be found through the Covenant Foundation.

Friday, February 28th
7 p.m. — Opening Lecture

Saturday, February 29th
9 a.m. — Lecture Two
10:30 a.m. — Coffee Break
11 a.m. — Closing Remarks + Q&A

As a speaker, Enns can balance his deep understanding of the Bible with his down-to-earth humor and conversational style. While unflinchingly honest about the Bible and faith, he is sincere and pastoral in his desire to see others discover the Bible to be a breath of fresh air: a guide for our messy lives of faith, not a rulebook for living or an irrelevant document for gullible believers.

[Photo by John Watson @ Flickr]

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