September 3, 2015

Scripture Series

During liturgy this summer, we went through a series of five conversations about how to read scripture. During this time, we rediscovered how the church historically read scripture and its impact on us today. Below you’ll find the series in order with links to our podcast pages.Each page has the audio as well as reflection questions, and any resources mentioned during the talk.

1. Living and Active: Scripture as a collaborative art project. (Gideon Tsang)
2. Strengthens us to love: What kind of impact does scripture have on us? (Weylin Lee)
3. Discerning ways to read: Practical ways to approach reading scripture. (Jason Minnix)
4. Disagreeing, with love: How are we able to hear and see our disagreements over scripture with love? (John Chandler)
5. A Vision to Listen: What does a community with a high view of scripture look like? (Gideon Tsang)

[Photo by Enrique Díaz @ Flickr]

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