August 25, 2019

Watered Garden

Jason Minnix explores how prayer, justice, and rest work together and how they are all woven together [Isaiah 58:9-14].


  • How can I invite God’s presence into suffering today?
  • Where do I sense small sips of rest?

Spiritual Practice

  • Invite God’s presence into our suffering and needs. Set aside 1 hour a week to make a list of your needs.  Spend time making a plan to meet 2-3 of them. Anticipate set backs. Become curious about God’s support of you receiving what you need.
  • Practice Sabbath.  Does what I’m doing to rest free me up a little physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Take small sips of rest daily. Take a long drink one day a week.
  • What’s the one thing I’m being invited into today?  To try a more meaningful form of prayer. To bring my needs and suffering into God’s presence and to engage them with care.  To find rhythms of rest that free us.

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